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The Other Art Fair

  • OK so I’m in The Other Art Fair which means you probably think my review will be a bit biased - it may be, but not much.


    The show is great - and really is a perfect spot to pick up some quality art at a very decent price. But there’s two things about the show that I really like.


    First all the artists are here running their own stall selling their own work, so you can talk to them and chat to them and find out - not only what they look like! - but what drives them. It really is an extraordinary opportunity to get close to people who dedicate their life to making remarkable works of art.




    Secondly what I really like about the show is not just the quality of the work that’s here, which is very high for an art fair, but the diversity. There’s a really interesting mix of paintings, sculpture, photos, digital work and some film. If you don’t go to many art shows it’s a really good introduction to the multiplicity of work that artists make today.




    So go to the show - but quickly it closes Sunday at 6pm!


    Here’s a few more pics to tempt you a little extra! - Also don't miss Jasper Joffe's and Harry Pye's Other Other Art Fair installation - where they've picked 10 rising stars of the art world and you can vote for them!


    Here’s a few more pics to tempt you to go! 

    And here's my stall!

    Review by Robert Dunt, Practising Artist and Founder & CEO of


    The Other Art Fair runs until 6pm Sunday 13 May at Ambika P3, Marylebone Road, London, NW1 5LS