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Wilkinson gallery, Heman Chong: Overview, Fundamentals, Perform

  • This was fun to arrive at. The guy at the gallery reception could barely emerge from the large flag that was draped over his white plinth. 


    On the ground floor it was still fun. Loads of things were lying around on a big low and white plinth. Books, wrapped canvases, dictionaries and sort of paintings of book covers. There was also text about the Singapore flag. I have absolutely no idea what the whole thing was meant to be about but it was quite surreal in a refreshing way. It kind of intrigued you and made you want to try and solve it. It felt a little like a puzzle, as if each piece might hold some clue that you could fathom, and if you did you’d find this story.






    Upstairs was a surprise. I expected it to me more of the same, but no. Just a big room with hundreds of pictures of shops and offices and trainer stores and supermarkets and corridors. All put together like they are a calendar from the future. It starts August 2020 and ends December 2096. This was pretty cool and visually striking.



    A fun and cool show, I enjoyed it, but is fun and cool art? Does it move us, or is this just entertainment?


    Wilkinson, Heman Chong: Overview, Fundamentals, Performance, Transactions - until 4 October - 50 - 58 Vyner Street, London, E2 9DQ


    Review - Robert Dunt, Founder & CEO ArtTop10 -