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ThriftyEgos, Proof, London

  • Fascinating collaboration between the UK based graffiti artists Gent and Newso. Newso also has a graphic design background and the two have been making large commercial commissions over the last few years.



    This is a foray into smaller work and the collaboration side of it is good as you can actually see how they’ve worked on a piece together, like in the image below where there’s two different styles of work clearly on show.



    Despite being graffiti artists the whole show had quite a contemporary art feel for me, with cleanly painted images on found objects. These were actually interesting found objects, such as old metal shelving (used in the image above), chopping boards, slate and an old door.



    The use of the objects didn't feel contrived though, like it can do with some contemporary art. It had a more ‘punky’ graffiti artist feel that these material were just more opportune to use than having to traipse out and buy a canvas.



    A cool show, and these pictures are at some very affordable prices. Plus what more do you want than a pig crawling out of a building.



    Thrift Egos, Proof, London, 26 Cheshire Street E2 6EH, 3 September until 27 October.


    Review - Robert Dunt, Founder & CEO ArtTop10 -