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Shoes: Pleasure and Pain - V&A

  • I'd seen a lot of press on TV etc before getting to see this show so was amazed some people didn't know about it. There's something for everyone here, it's a sort of weird history of shoes that does make you aware just how much attention we pay to what we put on our feet. 


    The top bits for me included a small and very old sculpture of Aphrodite who is wearing massively heeled shoes, so it was a trend years ago, and fascinating Wellington Boots. I didn't realise that soldiers in Wellington Boots were essentially dressing themselves up as if they were going to a ball. These essentially army boots have bows on the end like classic dress shoes. There's loads of other interesting shoes, ones from India and Pakistan, some nice Winkle Pickers and part of a collection of Adidas trainers - this person has amassed over 800 pairs!


    Robert Dunt - Founder of -